Want to Ensure Your Roof Is Completely Watertight for the Winter

What Does Membrane Roofing Mean?

copy-of-116578224Membrane roofing is a system which was designed to reduce the chances of leaks and pooling, which is normally associated with other such materials used on roofs. This system has been slowly replacing the more traditional asphalt roof and is often used on roofs which have a flat or slight pitch. There are 3 kinds of membranes which are used today, these are modified bitumen, thermoplastic and thermoset membrane.


Roofing Mistakes That You Should Be Wary Of

Roofing Company: Beware of These Common Errors

Whether you plan a roofing repair or an installation project, hiring the right roofing company is a must you should not underestimate. Everyone deserves to have a safe and dry home. During its lifespan, your roof will experience lots mishaps that will require repair. However, what you can do is to avoid these common mistakes: (more…)